Resale and Distribution

Help your customers get more from their paint. Paint SCENTsations products allow you to offer an appealing upgrade to any painting project. The clean, subtle scents and odor fighting properties:

  • Help reduce downtime when painting occupied spaces
  • Make a great first impression on new residents
  • Increase DIY customer satisfaction

If you’re interested in reselling or distributing Paint SCENTsations products, we offer merchandising, marketing, and logistics support to help you succeed.

Merchandising Options

Counter Display – 96 1-oz. Packets

This display is the perfect addition to your paint counter. Optimize your customers’ painting experience by adding a fresh scent and odor combatant. This display is ideal for DIY customers.

Contains 96 1-oz. packets. 12 packets of 8 scents.

Item #: 990-96 SKU: 862000056

Counter Display – 48 1-oz. Packets

Contains 48 1-oz. packets of desired scents.

Item #: 990-48A SKU: 854000004618

10 oz. Bottles – 4-pack

10 oz. bottles are ideal for your commercial customers. Each bottle treats 10 gallons of paint, making it easy to mix with 5 gallon buckets.

Marketing Support

Scent Card

This scent card offers great information and a “Rub & Smell” section for all eight scents.
The “Rub & Smell” cards are a great way to give your customers some information and about Paint SCENTsations and let them easily experience the scent before purchasing.

Pro and DIY Customers



Paint SCENTsations is ideal for professional painters working in occupied spaces and those working in the multi-family sector. The odor-fighting formula and appealing scents help reduce downtime, erase old occupant odors, and increase overall satisfaction.


Paint SCENTsations helps give homeowners the total transformation they’ve always wanted from their painting projects. Now they can get an updated look and a refreshing, long-lasting scent all at once.


What is Paint SCENTsations?

Paint SCENTsations is a scented paint additive. When added to paint, the result is a long-lasting air freshener that helps eliminate odors and refreshes rooms.

How do I use Paint SCENTsations?

Simply pour 1 oz. per gallon of paint, shake or stir thoroughly, then paint as usual.

How strong is the scent?

Paint SCENTsations provides a gently scented atmosphere. During the painting process, the scent level will be stronger than after the paint has dried. The ratio of mixing 1 oz. per 1 gallon of paint produces a very subtle, pleasant scent. For a milder scent, use less. For a stronger scent, use more.

How long will the scent last?

Paint SCENTsations produces a pleasant scent for approximately 3-4 months and possibly longer under optimum conditions. For best results, we recommend using Paint SCENTsations in both the primer and topcoat.

Can Paint SCENTsations be used with solvent paint?

Paint SCENTsations can be used with any latex or solvent paint and will not affect the paint’s color, quality, or application.

Does Paint SCENTsations contain any VOCs?

No. Paint SCENTsations adds ZERO VOCs.

Where can Paint SCENTsations be used?

Paint SCENTsations is ideal for homes, rentals, occupied spaces like hotels and offices, and multi-unit housing like apartments and military housing.

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